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Rentals & Agreement Policy

Beach Banquet

To ensure a pleasant rental experience, please take time to read the following rental information





* Please remember that we lease time, not usage. A rental fee is required for all the time the rental item is in your possession.

* Rental period ends the following day by 12: PM. Items rented on Saturday are due back on the following Monday before noon.



Celebrations Event & Rental  will deliver and remove the party rental equipment from the event location at the agreed upon  times. Elevation Party Rentals will deliver all rental equipment at the door of the venue and ask that all rental equipment be ready for pick-up upon the specified pick-up time. The time of the pick-up and delivery can not be changed on the day of delivery or additional fees will apply. Additional fees will apply if rentals are not ready for pick-up at specified times. Celebrations Event & Rental does not provide set-up of all  equipment rental nor travel up and down stairs with rental equipment. Rental equipment should be broken-down and by the door as it was delivered and  ready for pick-up at agreed upon times or client will be subject to additional fees. Rentals that are requested to be delivered or picked-up outside of the delivery time specified within the invoice will be subject to additional fee, late night delivery or pick-up fee will be assessed depending on requested times, please see  set delivery times within email or invoice for further clarification.

Delivery charges start from $75.00 + 0.99 for mileage.  Delivery & pick-up and must be done between regular business hours. Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (Four window hours for rental deliveries to be dropped off and pick up, Non-negotiable)Pinpoint Time Delivery Fee (Specific 1 hour frame requested by the customer): $75.00 plus $2.99 mileage each way.

Late Pick Up Fees: (6:00-10:00 PM) $100.00 additional

Late Night Pick Ups: (10:00PM-2:00AM): $200 additional

For deliveries outside regular hours, additional charges may apply. 

* Minimum Order $50.00 would be a delivery charge of $75.00+0.99 for mileage.



15031 Marlboro Pike, Unit #D Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

By appointment only.

you can contact our office any time by 

calling 240-266-9380 or email





Celebrations Event & Rental agrees to carry general liability insurance, which may be provided upon request. Celebrations Event & Rental shall not be liable under any contract for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages (including without limitation, damages for lost profits or increased expenses) concerning any claim arising from or related in any way to this agreement and services provided. The Client will indemnify and hold harmless, Elevation Party Rentals LLC against any and all liability related to the Client’s Event from the time of service and on into the future. The client will assume all legal fees claimed by third persons, provided that such loss or damage was not caused by the fault or negligence of Elevation Party Rentals or its employees, agents, or subcontractors.




Client acknowledges that it shall be financially responsible for any damage or loss to Celebrations Event & Rental  equipment caused by: 

a) any misuse of the equipment by Client or its guests, or 

b) any theft or disaster (including but not limited to fire or water damage). 

c) Damages to be determined by management based on nature and severity of damage.  

d)  You must inspect all your rental items at the time of the rental for damage and quantity. Any damages and/or shortages must be reported at the time of rental not after the rental period.





A service retainer in the amount of 50% of the contract price is due when the invoice is sent to the client . Only a service retainer will reserve the equipment for the contracted event date. The preferred method of payment is a major credit, check or debit card (Visa, Master Card, Ameri­can Express etc). The Service Retainer is non-refundable, but is transferable to a new available date within a year of the original contracted event date.




Rental Cancellation Policy-In the case the event is canceled 2 weeks before your rental date the 50% deposit or invoice payment is non-refundable but can be used as a credit towards a future event within a year of the original contracted event date. Any rental cancellation 7 days before the rental date there is NO REFUND from the 50% deposit or full invoice payment. In this case, Celebrations Event & Rental and the client will enter into a new agreement and invoice.


If the rental reservation needs to be changed or altered based on the number of rentals increasing the order), all changes must be made 72  hours before the contracted event date, the request will be based on the availability of rental, and Celebrations Event & Rental can not guarantee that requested modifications will be honored. If partial rentals are no longer needed a 72-hour request must be submitted via e-mail, to adjust the order accordingly, changes are to be subject to the cancellation policy with no refund on the 50% deposit or full invoice payment.  




Rental Balance is due 48 hours before the day of the contracted event date. Celebrations Event & Rental will not begin services until 100% of the contracted amount is paid in full. If 50% of the payment is remitted and Celebrations Event & Rental provides services under a special or verbal agreement and the full balance is unpaid before the date agreed upon, there will be a weekly late fee of $50.00 for late payment accessed to the account until the balance is paid in full. The first 50% payment of the above-stated price will be debited immediately from the credit or debit card.  




The 50% deposit will reserve the date of the contracted event, unpaid invoices will be unable to reserve any event dates. Only remitting the 50% deposit will reserve event rentals. By paying the invoice our client has agreed to the terms and conditions documented within the service agreement of Celebrations Event & Rentals.




Celebrations Event & Rental agrees to be on-site at the contract event time, should Celebrations Event & Rental fail to provide the rental equipment during the agreed-upon times, the client’s only rem­edy is a refund of payment received. Client agrees that Celebrations Event & Rental will not be responsible for consequential damages.

All rentals are 24-hour rentals and need to be returned or picked up within 24 hours of the contracted event date. In the case that rentals are needed for more than 24 hours accommodations can be made, upon an agreement between the client and Celebrations Event & Rental additional fees will be assessed to the client. If additional rental items are needed the delivery and pick-up fee is subject to change and will increase based on the quantity of rentals needed. If only partial services can be provided due to conditions beyond our reasonable control, then the rental charges shall be issued as a prorated credit on a future booking date. If the venue location or client ends the event before the contracted end time no monetary refund will apply. If rentals are requested and paid in agreement with the rental agreement and invoice, in the case rentals are no longer needed or utilized no refund of money will apply as services have already been rendered. 


* If the delivery site is an apartment, the rentals must be picked up from the ground floor.  The renter is responsible for meeting the delivery driver and taking the rentals to the apartment. (An additional $100 minimum charge will apply if deliveries are made beyond curd sides in advance)

* You must inspect all your rental items at the time of the rental for damage and quantity. Any damages and/or shortages must be reported at the time of rental.

* You are responsible for any damage to rental items that occur during your rental period. You will be charged for all damaged and missing rental items.

* All rentals must be prepared on time and ready for pick-up (Table folded, chairs stacked, linens folded or piled) If rentals are not ready, a $100 breakdown fee will be applied.

*All items must be returned clean to avoid additional charges (Mud, food, or drink stains). A $100 clean-up fee will be applied.


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